15 Jul 2014

What to do on rainy days

You know the feeling when it starts raining outside and suddenly all you want to do is to have sunbaths or go jogging or just do something that requires a sunny day.For that kind of days I decided to make a list of stuff what you can do when the weather is not that good at all.

1. Clean your room. (Yup, I'm serious. It's less horrible to clean your room when the weather is awful too.)

2. Have a Netflix-marathon with a clear conscience

3. Make a manicure for yourself

4. Make a To do-list for a next week

5. Do online window-shopping

6. Read you favorite book from childhood

7. Organize anything you own

8. Give your skin a rest and spend a makeupless day

9. Try a new recipe

10. Do all the stuff you should have done ages ago, but you haven't had time for

So this was basicly my program on every rainy day ever. Tell me what you do on rainy days and leave a comment down below- and oh, if I some day reach let's say 20 blogger followers I'll do a giveaway (;


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