29 Aug 2014

First giveaway!

As some of you know Markwins, together with Macy's, just launched ''The Looks Collection'' by One Direction and what would be better way to celebrate it than running a giveaway!
When I started blogging I promised to myself that if I/when I hit 200 followers I'll run my very first giveaway. Now the day is here and today you're going to have an amazing opportunity to win... Autographed limited edition make-up by One Direction! How awesome is that!
All the winners will receive either Midnight Memories or Up All Night or Take Me Home kit.
The giveaway is Powered by BrandBacker.

You can participate to this giveaway by scrolling down this post all the way to the giveaway widget.

Every kit includes not just some make up but a keepsake tin and five One Direction stencils to decorate your stuff and body with.
Midnight Memories

This kit includes...

  • ''Through the Light'' -Liquilights Glow Gloss: Electric glitter poppy lip gloss that glows to neon red-orange under UV light
  • 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in smoky shimmery grays and neutrals: ''Little White Lies''-palest warm gray, ''Don't Forget Where You Belong''- soft pink shimmer, ''Half a Heart''- metal gray, ''Strong''- charcoal black matte shimmer and ''Midnight Memories''- silver glitter crème
  • ''Best Song Ever''- crimson red crème lipstick
  • ''Little Black Dress'' volumizing mascara in perfectly black
  • ''Right Now'' liquefied metallic steel nail varnish
  • ''Better than Words'' blackest black eye and body crayon
Up All Night

This kit includes...

  • ''Taken'' -Liquilights Glow Gloss: Powerhouse glitter pink lip gloss that glows to neon orange under UV light
  • 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in playful blues and versatile neutrals: ''More Than This''-soft blushing pink, ''Gotta be You'' -silvered taupe shimmer, ''Save You Tonight''- shimmering turquoise blue, ''Another World''- royal blue shimmer and ''Up All Night''- sapphire glitter crème
  • ''I Should Have Kissed You'' volumizing mascara in perfectly black
  • ''Na Na Na'' Aqua-blue metallic chrome nail varnish
  • ''Stand Up'' dark denim eye and body crayon

Take Me Home

This kit includes

  • ''Kiss You''- Liquilights Glow Gloss: Orange glitter rush lip gloss that glows to neon yellow under UV light
  • 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette in the perfect nude shades: ''Back For You''- velvet crème, ''Change My Mind''- peachy shimmer, ''C'mon C'mon''- soft taupe, ''Little Things''- smoky brown and ''Take Me Home''- golden glitter crème
  • ''Last First Kiss'' -nude-pink sheer lipstick
  • ''Little Black Dress'' volumizing mascara in perfectly black
  • ''Live While We're Young'' multi-dimensional gold glitter nail varnish
  • ''I Wish'' a warm chocolate brown eye and body crayon

I wish good luck for every participant and don't forget to visit The official Facebook page of Makeup by One Direction 


27 Aug 2014

Testing DIY Beauty Treatments part 2: Face

Some time ago I made post about testing DIY beauty treatments. In the title of this post it said part 1, so you might be wondering where's the second part. Now, finally, after a month I made myself to do this post what I should have done weeks ago.I mean, how hard it could be to remember to pamper yourself...
In this post I'm going to review a calming cucumber-yogurt facial mask and a facial scrub made of coffee grounds.

Cucumber-Yogurt facial mask


1/4 of peeled cucumber
2 tbsp of yogurt

Mix all the ingredients in blender until the mixture is completely liquid. Apply on your face for few minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Did it work? At first I have to say that in my opinion this stuff is too liquid to be a facial mask and if you try this you should probably use cotton pads for applying it- but yeah, it worked. My face gets all shiny and red very often, but this made almost all the redness fade and my always-so-puffy eyes got better.

Coffee scrub


2 tbsp of coffee grounds
2 tbsp of olive oil
2 tbsp of milk

Mix all the ingredients, apply on your face and scrub. Rinse off with warm water.

Did it work? Yeah, and as the lip scrub from my earlier post did, this will also work as a great hand/body scrub too.


19 Aug 2014

My Back to school wishlist

 Back to school season is here and all the shops are full of school stuff and fall clothes. I've already done my school supplies shopping so now it's a perfect time to start looking for fall jackets, boots and other fall(ish) clothes!
After some online window shopping I  fell in love with these products:

This Peter Pan collar top from Forever 21

This _adorable_ knotted elephant T-shirt, also from forever 21. Some of you may have seen my instagram pic where I wear my favorite shorts, which have the elephant pattern <3

And what would be the fall without the new dress(es)? I'm a huge fan of skater dresses and paisley pattern so this one just caught my attention immediately when I was scrolling down the page. This cutie is  ASOS's Skater Dress in Paisley Burnout.

I think I really don't have to explain why I need these whale tights. I mean, look at them!

These buffalo boots are just perfect for fall, because at some point of fall I'm feeling a little depressed, sad and tired, but whenever I'm wearing shoes with even a little heel I feel hundred times better. And the best part is that because of the short shank these aren't going to cover the whale tights that I'm totally going to buy!

The last (but not least) product is this little oversized sweater with back buttoning. This would be perfect for running late mornings! Which happens to me too often...

I hope you all have a rainy (I love rain) fall! 

10 Aug 2014

How to make... A layered latte

Few days ago I learned how to make a layered latte and I'm super excited about it! This latte makes you look like a professional barista but it's actually super easy to make with just a few very simple steps.

To make a layered latte you need...
-cool see-through glass
-bottle or some kind of milk frother
-brown sugar

First, make some coffee. Normal coffee is ok.
Measure the amount of milk with the glass you're going to use and heat the milk for a while.
Froth the milk (not for so long time) and pour the foam into a glass. Remember to leave some space for the coffee.

Place the spoon carefully on the milk foam and pour the coffee carefully via the spoon. This is the part where magic happens, because if you've done everything right, you will see how the coffee ''floats'' in between of the milk foam and the liquiq milk.

After the layering part decorate with brown sugar and serve!

9 Aug 2014

Back to School: what's in my school bag/ mini haul

I might be super weird but I really like returning back to school. Not really because of the school but because of the back to school shopping and friends!
I have to be honest with you guys: I actually returned to school four days ago and instead of actually returning back I started my school year in absolutely new high school! In Finland the school system is kinda different including the fact that you don't have to buy your school stuff until you go to the high school in age of 16. Because of that this was the first year when I really had to buy all the stuff by myself. Inspired by all (very few) stuff I bought I decided to make a back to school post: What's in my school bag+mini haul!

So this bad boy here is my backpack: Red and white Fjällraven Kånken. It's not new but it's super practical and cute!

This is everything that is in my backpack on a typical schoolday. Usually there's also my mini laptop but I forgot to put it into this picture :d

These are my school books. On this period I study Finnish, English, Swedish, biology and math. I also have a couple IT, PE and student counseling classes.

These are my notebooks and folder. In the bigger notebook there's five sections for five different subjects. At first it was just a huge black notebook but I decorated it with these mustaches.

This is my calculator. I'm studying higher level math so we need this super big and complicated calculator. I really don't know (yet) how to use it so I'm keeping the instructions with me all the time.

This is my mini laptop and I absolutely love it! It's so little and cute! It's basicly my life, because all my pictures and short stories are in this little baby.

This is all the stuff you found in my pencil case. There are my favorite stabilos, some highlighters, mini stapler, scissors, tape, glue.... My favorite parts of this mess are Paper Mate's neon colored non-stop pencils. They are super easy and comfy to write with and colors are just a huge plus.

I hope you all have an awesome school year!

xxx Aino

6 Aug 2014

My July favorites

Lately I've been wondering how to tell you about my June and important stuff I've loved. And if you have been reading my earlier posts you probably know that I love making lists about everything. So what could be a better way to express myself than making a list about five things I loved in the July!

As I have told you I visited Copenhagen in the beginning of the July and I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere was just something I want everyone of you to experience.

So here in Finland it has been really hot (and mostly sunny) for a last few weeks and I've tanned more than ever.

3.Refreshing summer drinks
In this June I've tried several summer drink recipes with my friend (for example the chocolate-caramel frappucino, several kinds of smoothies and the Indian lassi) and they have made my day every time.

4.The Body Shop's Strawberry body polish
In short: I'm addicted. It smells like a pure heaven combined with some tears of an angel

In the end of the July our choir made a trip to Hungary and I think everyone experienced something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I hope you had as fun July as I did!