20 Jul 2014

How I take care of my skin

I'm a owner of a mixed/sensitive skin with acne and for last few years taking care of my skin has been quite hard. Now, few antibiotics later my skin is in better condition but I still have to work for it with this easy, five part skin care routine:

1. Cleansing
I wash my face twice a day:  In mornings just with warm water and in evenings with some kind of facial soap (Now I use Neutrogena's visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask) 

2. Moisturizing
To moisturize my skin I usually use unscented lotions. If my skin gets dry I might also use The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit beautifying oil.

3. Scrubbing
I scrub my skin once a week and I use this Body Shop's Body Polisher or Body Shop's Strawberry Body Scrub.

4. The Sauna
This is my favorite part of my skin care routine. The sauna makes skin feel softer and it enhances the affect of facial masks and scrubbing. I also sleep better after sauna which is a HUGE plus.

5. Makeup-free days
I have makeup-free days whenever it's possible, at least once a week. On makeup- free day I usually pamper my skin with facial masks and scrubs.

For my last words in this post I want to say: The people with acne, a dermatologist is totally worth spending! The healing process isn't always that quick and easy but a proper medication will make it better!


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