9 Jul 2014

My worst and weirdest habits/features

I know and you know that everyone does some stuff that's weird/they aren't very proud about but I think my own features and habits are the weirdest ones. So, to make you happy or something like that I made a list for you:

 A list of my worst and weirdest habits/features 

      1. I absolutely can't keep my room clean
OK, so first I let you know that I love organizing stuff, but that stuff just isn't my room. It's surprisingly hard to remember put books in bookcase or take the coffee cups in the dishwasher.

      2. I eat when I'm sad (OR happy OR tired OR bored OR...)

I blame my grandmother for teaching me because every time I'm sad (OR happy OR tired OR bored) she offers me food, so who's saying you can't do it all by yourself? 

      3. I bite my nails (yuck)
This is my grossest habit, but I have done it all my life. I use nail polish to prevent it but few moments later I forget...

      4. I don't let other people speak
I hate awkward silence so I do my everything to prevent it- and by doing my everything I mean speaking, a lot.

     5. I can't get stuff finished
I adore doing all different kinds of little projects but at some point I lose my inspiration and get bored. My room is like a cemetery of unfinished diy projects.

     6. I LOVE smelling stuff
I can't even explain this. I just love it and I do it all the time.

     7. When I'm angry I rip the paper
And I have an own jar for the pieces of paper I have ripped. 

     8. I'm addicted to coffee
This is a really cliché bad habit but I just can't wake up without a cup of coffee.

     9. I really hate milk
This is probably my weirdest feature. The milk doesn't bother me when i drink hot chocolate and I always drink my coffee with milk, but if somebody offers me a glass of milk, just milk without anything in it it just turns into the grossest thing I can imagine.

So these were my worst habits and features. I want to know if somebody shares a same habit/feature with me so if you do, leave a comment and let me know.

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