27 Jul 2014

The Liebster Award

Many of you have probably heard about or nominated on The Liebster award. So in short, the Liebster award is a kind of chain letter/challenge from blogger to blogger which purpose is to discover new blogs and bloggers. The rules are very easy, when you receive the nomination you are supposed to do a post where...
1. you answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominate you
2. tell 11 random facts about you.
3. nominate 5-11 bloggers with under 500 readers
4.and make 11 new questions for them
You also have to let your nominees know that they have been nominated and link your post to the so they can learn more about the Liebster award.

I got my nominations from Summertime Siren and Stay Beautiful Inside And Out. I want to thank both of you, I never thought I would be nominated even once! Because I got double-nominated I'll answer 22 questions but I'll still tell just 11 random facts about me

From the Summertime Siren I got these questions...
1.  The best sushi place in your city?
2.  Glossy or matte lipstick
It depends on a day but right now I would say matte.
3.  Any paranormal experiences?
Nope, I'm still waiting for them.
4.  What's the achievement that you're most proud of?
Well I really haven't done anything big put I always get happy if I get my right hand nails done without ruining everything.
5.  What classes are you taking this fall/ plans if not attending school?
I'm going to start studying in International Baccalaureate High School
6.  How many Macaron Lippies do you have in your collection?
To be honest: Not a single one. I just think that they don't fit me at all.
7.  Favorite makeup brand?
My favorite brand is Lumene. My favorite makeup product is actually Lumene's CC-cream. 
8.  Something you want to do but haven't yet?
I have always wanted to do a bungee jump.
9.  On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for the Mac and Marge makeup collection?
I don't know, maybe 4 or five. I wouldn't spend my own money to buy them but it's a fun idea for collection.
10.  Easiest store to spend money in?
This is an easy one: definitely the Tiger. It's a store full of cute stuff.
11.  If there's one thing you would want your readers to know about you, what would it be?
I get super happy every time someone comments on my post. 

And from the Stay Beautiful Inside And Out

1. What is your favorite place to take your blog pictures?
I haven't got any specific place, but I love taking pictures outdoors.
2. What is the goal you want to achieve from blogging?
My goal is to take better pictures and improve my writing skills. In other words: Make my blog more readable. 
3. How much time do you spend in blogging each week?
I write my posts something like 1-2 h/post but I also edit pictures and plan my future posts. I can't say the exact time.
4. How do you describe your style?
I have a very diverse style. I love cute preppy styled dresses, big sweaters and vintage at the same time. 
5. Who take pictures for your blogs?
I take all most of my pictures. Sometimes I have to force my little brother to shoot me.
6. And what camera do you use for blogging pictures?
Mostly I use my iPhone's camera which I found a little pathetic but sometimes my granny borrows her SLR.
7. What are the things you like to do or you are good at that help blogging?
I think I'm good at organizing. I always plan my future post's topics and release dates (expect this post of course) 
8. What is the challenge you face in blogging?
Sometimes it's very hard to put my thoughts into words.
9. Which one is your favorite post that you have written?
My favorite post is always the newest one. I try to do better posts each time.
10. What did you learn through blogging that you didn’t know before?
I've been blogging for a month so I haven't got that many blogging experiences but something I've noticed is that pictures really matter.
11. Describe your dream wedding gown:)
My dream wedding gown is vintage styled, long sleeved lace dress.<3

11 random facts about me you want random facts- I'll have you RANDOM facts

1. When I was little I used to hate skirts and dresses, nowadays I wear them more often than my favorite jeans.
2. I love cauliflower.
3 .I have surprisingly long toes
4. I have played violin for 11 years
5. My favorite series is How I Met Your Mother
6. My biggest dream is to study in UK
7. One day I played the Candy Crush so long I that in the night I had Candy Crush dreams
8. I can't watch some TV-shows because I can't stand the second-hand embarrassment
9. I hate making big decisions and I always try to get people do them for me so I could blame them if I'm not happy (I know I'm horrible)
10. I listen to all kinds of music from rock to classical violin concertos
11. Today I learned how to make a layered latte and I'm still happy about it.

So now it's time to reveal my nominees:
 Florence from http://florencelogan.blogspot.com/
 Sophie from http://daintydiary.blogspot.com
 Laura from http://wewillbedreaming1.blogspot.co.uk
 Emily from http://emilylovess.blogspot.co.uk
 Stephi from http://montiesays.blogspot.com

And then, finally

My questions for nominees
1. What is your weirdest habit?
2. What is the stupidest thing you ever have cried for?
3. What would you do if you won a lottery?
4. What is your favorite beauty product?
5. If you could travel anywhere in entire world where would you travel?
6. What is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?
7. If you could be any celebrity for just one day who would you be?
8. What is the worst joke you've ever heard?
9. Coffee or tea?
10. What/who inspires you?
11. If you had to choose between foundation and mascara which one would you choose and why?

Nominees, please link your posts to me (;


20 Jul 2014

How I take care of my skin

I'm a owner of a mixed/sensitive skin with acne and for last few years taking care of my skin has been quite hard. Now, few antibiotics later my skin is in better condition but I still have to work for it with this easy, five part skin care routine:

1. Cleansing
I wash my face twice a day:  In mornings just with warm water and in evenings with some kind of facial soap (Now I use Neutrogena's visibly clear 2 in 1 wash and mask) 

2. Moisturizing
To moisturize my skin I usually use unscented lotions. If my skin gets dry I might also use The Body Shop's Pink Grapefruit beautifying oil.

3. Scrubbing
I scrub my skin once a week and I use this Body Shop's Body Polisher or Body Shop's Strawberry Body Scrub.

4. The Sauna
This is my favorite part of my skin care routine. The sauna makes skin feel softer and it enhances the affect of facial masks and scrubbing. I also sleep better after sauna which is a HUGE plus.

5. Makeup-free days
I have makeup-free days whenever it's possible, at least once a week. On makeup- free day I usually pamper my skin with facial masks and scrubs.

For my last words in this post I want to say: The people with acne, a dermatologist is totally worth spending! The healing process isn't always that quick and easy but a proper medication will make it better!

16 Jul 2014

Must haves from Asos

 Today I was spending time on ASOS but this time I decided to search products that cost under 50$ so I could even think about buying them. Honestly I didn't expect that I could even find something nice looking but surprise, surprise: At the end of my search I almost couldn't decide which products I should review. 
As some of you maybe know I love doing lists My room isn't always organized but I probably have a list about different ways to organize my room. so my natural way of showing off these product was making three top 3 lists.

    I absolutely love short dresses, they make me feel like the girliest girl 

The dress number one is called Glamorous Swing Shirt Dress with Empire Seam . It used to cost $47.64 but because of the sales it's now only $32.39
The dress number two is Vero Moda's Anchor Print Dress. It also used to be $47.64 but the lovely sales made it drop down all the way to the $32,39
The dress number three is ASOS' Skater Dress in Bird and Heart Print and I just love it. I would do almost anything to get it into my closet right now! One of the best parts of this dress is its price which is after all the sales only $16.20!

Then we'll move to the shoes!
The first pair of shoes is Monki's Exclusive Bella Eye Flat Slipper Shoes. I love using heels but sometimes you just need to go flat. The eye details of these shoes are also super cute and the price isn't that bad at all: $38.11
The second pair is New Look's Present Black Bow Barely There Heeled Sandals. These are the ones that I really need. These are like the little black dress in a heel form. The price of these shoes is $38.09
The third pair is New Look's Darcy Low Flat Chelsea Boots, my this fall's must-to-have shoes. They cost $47.66 

The first bag (ASOS Square Clutch Bag with Zip Top). is the bag I've been looking for forever.The great thing about it is that you can wear almost anything with it and it still looks adorable. The price is $28.58
The second bag (ASOS Covered Barrel Lock Cross Body Bag) is something that I would wear with black dress and red pumps. It costs $41.92
The third and the last bag is New Look's Mini Wendy Bag. It's so cute. I can't describe it better. It just is. ($30.47)


15 Jul 2014

What to do on rainy days

You know the feeling when it starts raining outside and suddenly all you want to do is to have sunbaths or go jogging or just do something that requires a sunny day.For that kind of days I decided to make a list of stuff what you can do when the weather is not that good at all.

1. Clean your room. (Yup, I'm serious. It's less horrible to clean your room when the weather is awful too.)

2. Have a Netflix-marathon with a clear conscience

3. Make a manicure for yourself

4. Make a To do-list for a next week

5. Do online window-shopping

6. Read you favorite book from childhood

7. Organize anything you own

8. Give your skin a rest and spend a makeupless day

9. Try a new recipe

10. Do all the stuff you should have done ages ago, but you haven't had time for

So this was basicly my program on every rainy day ever. Tell me what you do on rainy days and leave a comment down below- and oh, if I some day reach let's say 20 blogger followers I'll do a giveaway (;


13 Jul 2014

Testing DIY Beauty Treatments part 1:Teeth and lips

Lastly on Pinterest I've been pinning all kinds of DIY projects and beauty treatments I would like to try but I never have a time for them. Now when I'm on my summer vacation decided to grasp the nettle and start a new ''Testing DIY Beauty Treatments''-serie, which is actually my excuse for pampering myself. The treatments I choose and chose are going to be very simple and the ingredients should be found in everyone's kitchen. 
In this first part I tested two recipes: Lip scrub made of brown sugar, olive oil and honey and a teeth whitener made of baking soda and lemon juice.

Lip scrub              

2 tsp of honey          
2 tsp of olive oil       
2 tsp of brown sugar

Mix all the ingredients, apply on your lips and scrub gently. Rinse off with warm water.

Did it work? Yes I think. After scrubbing my lips were as soft as I expected. With this recipe you got too much scrub just for your lips but it works great as a hand scrub too.

Teeth whitener

1 tsp of baking soda
lemon juice

Mix baking soda and lemon juice into a paste. Brush the paste onto your teeth with a toothbrush, then leave it there for a minute, then brush off.

Did it work? I didn't notice any big changes. Maybe I should do this once in a week and then compare results after a month or two. 

If you have some good DIY beauty treatment recipes please let me know and leave a comment down below.

Kisses xxx, Aino

Room Makeover part 1

Few days ago my mother and I thought that it was time to give my room a new look. My (old) room is/was kinda small, colorless, boring and full of stuff which makes it look like a messy little boys room. Its walls are something between white and pure boringness so my mom and I thought that our makeover will include at least painting them.
During the planning our little makeover slowly turned into a middle sized room renovation that will include changing my little attic into a walk in closet!
So, yesterday was the first day of makeover-and it started with cleaning. As I mentioned earlier my room is full of stuff so I decided to throw everything broken (that I HONESTLY will never fix) away and the clothes and stuff I don't use are going to charity. The reason why I had so much stuff is that for me it's so hard to throw anything away (There's a little voice in my head saying ''You don't need that anymore, you haven't use it even once in this year.'' but then there's that other larger voice yelling over the smaller one and telling me to keep the thing I was about to throw away because I love my stuff, even if it's old and broken.) so yesterday there was a lot of feelings in the air. Result of this part of makeover is that I gave/threw away 2/3 of my stuff and my room is totally empty with only a few boxes. It's also going to be like that for a while, because the main part of the renovation is going to happen in the change of July and August when I'm in Hungary.
I just can't wait!


9 Jul 2014

My worst and weirdest habits/features

I know and you know that everyone does some stuff that's weird/they aren't very proud about but I think my own features and habits are the weirdest ones. So, to make you happy or something like that I made a list for you:

 A list of my worst and weirdest habits/features 

      1. I absolutely can't keep my room clean
OK, so first I let you know that I love organizing stuff, but that stuff just isn't my room. It's surprisingly hard to remember put books in bookcase or take the coffee cups in the dishwasher.

      2. I eat when I'm sad (OR happy OR tired OR bored OR...)

I blame my grandmother for teaching me because every time I'm sad (OR happy OR tired OR bored) she offers me food, so who's saying you can't do it all by yourself? 

      3. I bite my nails (yuck)
This is my grossest habit, but I have done it all my life. I use nail polish to prevent it but few moments later I forget...

      4. I don't let other people speak
I hate awkward silence so I do my everything to prevent it- and by doing my everything I mean speaking, a lot.

     5. I can't get stuff finished
I adore doing all different kinds of little projects but at some point I lose my inspiration and get bored. My room is like a cemetery of unfinished diy projects.

     6. I LOVE smelling stuff
I can't even explain this. I just love it and I do it all the time.

     7. When I'm angry I rip the paper
And I have an own jar for the pieces of paper I have ripped. 

     8. I'm addicted to coffee
This is a really cliché bad habit but I just can't wake up without a cup of coffee.

     9. I really hate milk
This is probably my weirdest feature. The milk doesn't bother me when i drink hot chocolate and I always drink my coffee with milk, but if somebody offers me a glass of milk, just milk without anything in it it just turns into the grossest thing I can imagine.

So these were my worst habits and features. I want to know if somebody shares a same habit/feature with me so if you do, leave a comment and let me know.

8 Jul 2014

5+1 things and places to experience in Copenhagen

Few days ago I visited Copenhagen with my family. I absolutely fell in love with Copenhagen and I wanted to share my favorite parts with you so here you have: 5+1 things and places to experience in Copenhagen!

1. Sightseeing bus tours
I never thought I was going to say that but in Copenhagen these tours work really well.They are a great way to explore the city without getting lost. We went to the ''Mermaid Tour'' which had 16 stops including the Little Mermaid and Nyhavn. We also went to the Carlsberg Tour which was little short with only six stops.

Nyhavn is a very cute waterfront district with a lot of small and colorful houses.In Nyhavn there's a lot of little restaurants and cafes. (My personal favorite cafe was Rajissimo where you can buy delicious waffles, churros and ice cream)

3. Canal tours
In Copenhagen there's also sightseeing tours by canal boats, which are also a great way to see city-from a different angle.

4. Tivoli
Copenhagen's Tivoli is something that everyone has to see. In the evening the lights are spectacular and I wanted to take pictures all the time. And for my budget the best part were the prices of the tickets!

5. Strøget
Strøget is the longest pedestrian street in whole world and it's completely full of all kinds of shops. If you get tired of shopping there's also a lot of cafes and restaurants where you can rest your feet.

+1 Joe and The Juice
Joe and The Juice is an awesome juice bar with a huge amount of different kinds of juices. For coffee addicts there's also some basic kind of coffee and worth a try ginger latte.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe find it helpful in some way! 

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