16 Jul 2014

Must haves from Asos

 Today I was spending time on ASOS but this time I decided to search products that cost under 50$ so I could even think about buying them. Honestly I didn't expect that I could even find something nice looking but surprise, surprise: At the end of my search I almost couldn't decide which products I should review. 
As some of you maybe know I love doing lists My room isn't always organized but I probably have a list about different ways to organize my room. so my natural way of showing off these product was making three top 3 lists.

    I absolutely love short dresses, they make me feel like the girliest girl 

The dress number one is called Glamorous Swing Shirt Dress with Empire Seam . It used to cost $47.64 but because of the sales it's now only $32.39
The dress number two is Vero Moda's Anchor Print Dress. It also used to be $47.64 but the lovely sales made it drop down all the way to the $32,39
The dress number three is ASOS' Skater Dress in Bird and Heart Print and I just love it. I would do almost anything to get it into my closet right now! One of the best parts of this dress is its price which is after all the sales only $16.20!

Then we'll move to the shoes!
The first pair of shoes is Monki's Exclusive Bella Eye Flat Slipper Shoes. I love using heels but sometimes you just need to go flat. The eye details of these shoes are also super cute and the price isn't that bad at all: $38.11
The second pair is New Look's Present Black Bow Barely There Heeled Sandals. These are the ones that I really need. These are like the little black dress in a heel form. The price of these shoes is $38.09
The third pair is New Look's Darcy Low Flat Chelsea Boots, my this fall's must-to-have shoes. They cost $47.66 

The first bag (ASOS Square Clutch Bag with Zip Top). is the bag I've been looking for forever.The great thing about it is that you can wear almost anything with it and it still looks adorable. The price is $28.58
The second bag (ASOS Covered Barrel Lock Cross Body Bag) is something that I would wear with black dress and red pumps. It costs $41.92
The third and the last bag is New Look's Mini Wendy Bag. It's so cute. I can't describe it better. It just is. ($30.47)


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  1. I am just starting to explore ASOS myself! With the sales going on now, I will definitely grab a few things to try out!:)

    BTW, I nominated you for the Liebster Award, (just got one myself). Visit my post to find out what it is about if you don't know about it.:)