29 Jun 2014

Letter to myself

You probably know the feeling you get when you look back the stuff you did in the past and you just wish there could be way to let old yourself know what to and not to do. A few days ago I got that feeling too and I decided to make a letter for the Aino from the past. Actually for Aino that existed in 2013.

Dear myself from the past

Be yourself. There's just one year left and then you don't have to see those people anymore. If you aren't acting like yourself it will start feeling like your head is going to blow up. Not everyone has to think you're funny.
Nothing good happens if you try to please other people all the time.
Don't  tell other people's stories as your own stories. You will probably forget who told you the original story and tell it to him/her by accident.
Be positive, at the end of the year you will feel great and the next half-year will be awesome!

Sincerely: Aino from your future

28 Jun 2014

The bucket list and the meaning of life

I think that everyone's got something that they want to do or experience before they die, so do I. Most   of my bucket list-dreams are associated to traveling, because I think that meaning of life is to love and experience and for me the best experiences come from traveling!
So without further parley

The Bucket List

Before I die I want to...
  • study in UK
  • go shopping in Manhattan
  • go for a bungee jump
  • make a parachute jump
  • ride a camel
  • visit all the European countries
  • learn how to make proper crème brûlée
  • get some kind of (little) tattoo
  • live abroad

My favorite items

This time I'm going to show you my favorite items. I have a lot of stuff that I love, but these are the most important ones to me.

The first item is surprisingly and sadly my phone. It's a one year old iPhone 4 that I have already broken. (Screen) 

The second one is my journal. I love writing and that book knows a lot of stuff that nobody else knows... I think one of my worst fears is that someone (like my littlebrother) will read my journal:d

Third item is my Jopo-bicycle. There's no better feeling than riding around the town at night with this bike.

The fourth and the final one is my coffemug, or actually mugs. (I have like hundreds of different kinds of coffemugs) The mug in this picture isn't really my favorite one but it's in the picture because my true favorite is dirty :D

27 Jun 2014

The best place on earth

I'm going to spend this weekend in my granny's house. My granny is a very stereotypical grandmother: She is always asking if I'm hungry and giving me money, but at the same time she's very special too. She adores old fashioned teddy bears and dolls and she has a huge collection of them (she also makes them too) and she is extremely addicted to coffee. After all she is my biggest role model and I would do almost anything to be like her in my future. 

These pics were taken in her house

Next week I'm traveling to Copenhagen with my family so see you after that

Xoxo ~Aino