6 Aug 2014

My July favorites

Lately I've been wondering how to tell you about my June and important stuff I've loved. And if you have been reading my earlier posts you probably know that I love making lists about everything. So what could be a better way to express myself than making a list about five things I loved in the July!

As I have told you I visited Copenhagen in the beginning of the July and I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere was just something I want everyone of you to experience.

So here in Finland it has been really hot (and mostly sunny) for a last few weeks and I've tanned more than ever.

3.Refreshing summer drinks
In this June I've tried several summer drink recipes with my friend (for example the chocolate-caramel frappucino, several kinds of smoothies and the Indian lassi) and they have made my day every time.

4.The Body Shop's Strawberry body polish
In short: I'm addicted. It smells like a pure heaven combined with some tears of an angel

In the end of the July our choir made a trip to Hungary and I think everyone experienced something they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I hope you had as fun July as I did!