19 Aug 2014

My Back to school wishlist

 Back to school season is here and all the shops are full of school stuff and fall clothes. I've already done my school supplies shopping so now it's a perfect time to start looking for fall jackets, boots and other fall(ish) clothes!
After some online window shopping I  fell in love with these products:

This Peter Pan collar top from Forever 21

This _adorable_ knotted elephant T-shirt, also from forever 21. Some of you may have seen my instagram pic where I wear my favorite shorts, which have the elephant pattern <3

And what would be the fall without the new dress(es)? I'm a huge fan of skater dresses and paisley pattern so this one just caught my attention immediately when I was scrolling down the page. This cutie is  ASOS's Skater Dress in Paisley Burnout.

I think I really don't have to explain why I need these whale tights. I mean, look at them!

These buffalo boots are just perfect for fall, because at some point of fall I'm feeling a little depressed, sad and tired, but whenever I'm wearing shoes with even a little heel I feel hundred times better. And the best part is that because of the short shank these aren't going to cover the whale tights that I'm totally going to buy!

The last (but not least) product is this little oversized sweater with back buttoning. This would be perfect for running late mornings! Which happens to me too often...

I hope you all have a rainy (I love rain) fall! 


  1. I'm obsessed with those boots! :) Looking forward to buying a similar pair from American Apparel this fall.

    Breakfast @ Jillian's // Fashion + Life

  2. Those tights are the cutest things!


  3. I agree with both of you (;