9 Aug 2014

Back to School: what's in my school bag/ mini haul

I might be super weird but I really like returning back to school. Not really because of the school but because of the back to school shopping and friends!
I have to be honest with you guys: I actually returned to school four days ago and instead of actually returning back I started my school year in absolutely new high school! In Finland the school system is kinda different including the fact that you don't have to buy your school stuff until you go to the high school in age of 16. Because of that this was the first year when I really had to buy all the stuff by myself. Inspired by all (very few) stuff I bought I decided to make a back to school post: What's in my school bag+mini haul!

So this bad boy here is my backpack: Red and white Fjällraven Kånken. It's not new but it's super practical and cute!

This is everything that is in my backpack on a typical schoolday. Usually there's also my mini laptop but I forgot to put it into this picture :d

These are my school books. On this period I study Finnish, English, Swedish, biology and math. I also have a couple IT, PE and student counseling classes.

These are my notebooks and folder. In the bigger notebook there's five sections for five different subjects. At first it was just a huge black notebook but I decorated it with these mustaches.

This is my calculator. I'm studying higher level math so we need this super big and complicated calculator. I really don't know (yet) how to use it so I'm keeping the instructions with me all the time.

This is my mini laptop and I absolutely love it! It's so little and cute! It's basicly my life, because all my pictures and short stories are in this little baby.

This is all the stuff you found in my pencil case. There are my favorite stabilos, some highlighters, mini stapler, scissors, tape, glue.... My favorite parts of this mess are Paper Mate's neon colored non-stop pencils. They are super easy and comfy to write with and colors are just a huge plus.

I hope you all have an awesome school year!

xxx Aino


  1. I love your backpack!

    1. Thank you! You have a nice blog btw (;