10 Aug 2014

How to make... A layered latte

Few days ago I learned how to make a layered latte and I'm super excited about it! This latte makes you look like a professional barista but it's actually super easy to make with just a few very simple steps.

To make a layered latte you need...
-cool see-through glass
-bottle or some kind of milk frother
-brown sugar

First, make some coffee. Normal coffee is ok.
Measure the amount of milk with the glass you're going to use and heat the milk for a while.
Froth the milk (not for so long time) and pour the foam into a glass. Remember to leave some space for the coffee.

Place the spoon carefully on the milk foam and pour the coffee carefully via the spoon. This is the part where magic happens, because if you've done everything right, you will see how the coffee ''floats'' in between of the milk foam and the liquiq milk.

After the layering part decorate with brown sugar and serve!

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