4 Oct 2014

The 1st comeback and what I've been up to?

All bloggers have their own set of firsts: first award, first post with over 100 views and so on. In last four weeks I have achieved two firsts that I can add to my own list: The first time I abandoned my blog for almost a month and by making this post; the first comeback.
Firstly, I should probably apologize the fact that it's been almost a month since I published my last post. I've been super busy with this all new school stuff I've had to do. I had my very first exam week and after that I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep, sleep and sleep and maybe drink several cups of coffee.

With this photo I'm trying to proof that I was actually studying a little

During the exam week I learned a couple useful skills like ''How to sleep 10 extra minutes and still not look like a swamp monster'' and ''How to make up a huge amount of other stuff you should do instead of studying'' I think that both of these skills deserve their own posts so I'm going to leave these subjects for the future (;
After exam week I obviously needed recovering so me and my friend had a recovery sleepover: Lots of food, netflix and youtube

The day after last exam I ate these super delicious breakfast waffles

Now the second period has begun and I've started stressing about unimportant stuff again, but luckily we have weekends! Thanks to my new ''How to make up a huge amount of stuff to do instead of studying'' skill and the Autumn I've taken lots of autumn themed photos and I thought it would make a great ending for this post to show some of them for you.

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