13 Oct 2014

Looking for happier life

As I've been saying in my latest posts: the Autumn is here. But now the best part is over. Trees are mostly leafless,it's TOO cold and TOO dark outside and there's not snow. All I really want to do is to curl up in my bed and sleep through the rest of this Autumn. Today I decided to finally do something for my unhappiness: I started the 100 happy days challenge!
I bet that most of you have tried or at least heard of 100 happy days challenge. The basic idea is to every day submit a picture of a thing/things that have made you happy that day and do that for 100 days. And if you succeed you can receive a book with your pictures after a challenge. Anyway, the main thing is to become happier by noticing all good things around you and I most certainly need something like that.
I'm going to post my #100happydays pictures on my instagram. If you want to see all of the pictures be sure to follow @ainothefab (;

My first #100happydays picture :)) I'm super exited!

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  1. The #100happysdays challenge is an awesome one, good luck :)