31 Dec 2014

December favorites

Now it's time for my more or less monthly favorites! Since it's December, my favorites are somewhat related to holiday season.

My December favorites

1. New pajama pants
My grandma buys me new pair of pajama pants for every Christmas and this year they just happened to be amazing! They are so comfy that I started to wonder would anyone notice if I went to school wearing them.

2. Chocolate
In my opinion December should be called either ''The Chocolate Month'' or ''The Month When Everyone Gets Fat Because Of Eating Too Much Chocolate And Stuff'''. This year I literally got like 5 boxes of chocolate for Christmas and ironically also a gym card... I know that nobody is forcing me to eat all of them, but now, three days after Christmas I noticed that I've already ate two of them.

3. Holiday
This Autumn was definitely the toughest one I've ever went through so when the Christmas Holiday started all I wanted to do was just sleep Like seriously, why can't humans hibernate? I feel like this was the first time when I actually needed holiday.

4. Netflix
The cruel fact is that no matter how much I've needed this holiday, at some point I'm obviously going to get bored. Luckily our family has a Netflix. (I recommend people to watch Bones and How I Met Your Mother (;  )

5. Welcome Home, son by Radical Face

Do I have to say anything? Yes, this is the song from Nikon commercial.


  1. Great favourites! Happy New Year! :)


  2. I think maybe every month should be called 'The Chocolate Month' for me. Lovely post

    Katie xx