9 Nov 2014

Christmas with me: 5 easy DIY presents that everyone likes to receive

This is the first part of my Christmas series! You might be wondering why I start my Christmas series now, 'cause it's still November. My reason is simple: I love Christmas and everything that is slightly related to it!

Let's be honest. We all know that there's two kinds of DIY presents: the ones that look like they were made by your 5-year-old cousin and the awesome ones. I, personally, like making and giving DIY gifts for Christmas and every year I have this same struggle: Will my presents be the wanted or disliked ones. This year I've overcame this problem by thinking what kind of DIY gifts I would like to receive.

1. Candles in teacups

Miss Renaissance

This is one of my personal DIY gift favourites, I mean, tea cups are cute and who doesn't love candles! I actually made them for last Christmas and they were top hit. From here you can find super good instructions.

2. Cookies in a jar

Double Chocolate Toffee Cookies in a Jar

I don't know about you, but I ALWAYS got super bored the day or two after Christmas, when I've usually red all the books I got. A jar like this would be the perfect solution! To make similar jar that is in the picture, check out this link. (If you want to be kinda lazy ,a.k.a. me, just use some cookie recipe with ''mix dry ingredients, add water/milk/eggs/something and bake'', leave the liquid part out and layer all the dry ingredients in a jar.)

3. Hot chocolate spoons

12 Handmade Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love - Homemade Hot Chocolate Spoons

This is one of the easiest DIY gifts: All you need to do is melt some chocolate. You can also make it special by adding something like marshmallows or sprinkles.

4. Chocolate pretzels
Christmas Chocolate Covered Pretzels
This is as easy as the hot chocolate spoons with almost same ingredients. The mix of salty and sweet never gets old! If you want to go extreme try making these S'mores pretzels.

5. Sharpie mugs

diy christmas gift ideas

With Sharpies you can fabulize your old mugs and give them a new look. It's also easiest way to make personalized gifts.

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