28 Jun 2014

My favorite items

This time I'm going to show you my favorite items. I have a lot of stuff that I love, but these are the most important ones to me.

The first item is surprisingly and sadly my phone. It's a one year old iPhone 4 that I have already broken. (Screen) 

The second one is my journal. I love writing and that book knows a lot of stuff that nobody else knows... I think one of my worst fears is that someone (like my littlebrother) will read my journal:d

Third item is my Jopo-bicycle. There's no better feeling than riding around the town at night with this bike.

The fourth and the final one is my coffemug, or actually mugs. (I have like hundreds of different kinds of coffemugs) The mug in this picture isn't really my favorite one but it's in the picture because my true favorite is dirty :D

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